Chuchotage interpretation, or whispered interpretation, is a mode of simultaneous interpretation that does not require equipment. With Chuchotage, the interpreter whispers the message into the ear of the person requiring the interpretation as the speaker delivers it.

Chuchotage is ideal for small meetings in which only one or two audiences require interpretation. You may opt for Chuchotage interpretation for business meetings and small conferences. With Chuchotage, the mode of interpretation is simultaneous, which means that the interpreter will interpret the message at the same time as the speaker delivers it. This equates to faster delivery time, compared to consecutive interpretation.  Chuchotage is also more economical as it doesn’t require simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Day Translations offers Chuchotage interpretation in any language for all your needs. If you’d like to book a Chuchotage interpreter to assist you, please fill out our form here: You can also reach out to us via chat or email at any time. We’re always happy to help.

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