Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpretation in which the interpreter conveys the message into the target language at the same time as the speaker. There are no pauses in between phrases or sentences, and the message is conveyed continuously, as the speaker delivers it. 

When providing simultaneous interpretation, certain equipment is usually needed. The speaker speaks into a transmitter which delivers the message into a headset for the interpreter to listen from. There are different equipment options used for the simultaneous interpretations we offer here at Day Translations:

  1. Portable Equipment. This is best for events that require mobile simultaneous interpretation, such as tours and area visits. The wireless equipment is very easy to use and is effective up to 100 feet.

  2. Table Top Booth. Fully equipped set ideal for small to medium sized meetings with limited spaces, and when interpretation into only one language is needed. This is best for workshops and small meetings. 

  3. Full Booth. This is usually used for large conferences in which there may be hundreds of attendees and interpretation into different languages is required. The Full booth is soundproof and can fit 2 interpreters inside.

We at Day Translations can cater to all your conference interpretation needs. If you’d like to get a quote for our conference interpreters and equipment, please fill out our form here: You can reach out to us at any time and we’re always happy to help.

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