We are living in a time where natural disasters happen almost on a daily basis and of course, when we least expect, sometimes due to activities that we can control, and others, by activities we cannot control.For the ones that we can control, how do we prepare for these emergencies?

Well… One of the most important things we can do is to convey messages correctly; this means a good communication.A good example for this was Hurricane Dorian.We knew the hurricane was coming our way since it was discovered, and we needed to get ready for it.

After scientific analysis, the corresponding entities discovered the path of this hurricane and its category, which was category 5 (highest on the scale).They discovered it would hit the State of Florida, probably, Georgia and South and North Carolina.This means, all the people living in those states, with different ethnicity and that speak different languages, needed to understand the news in order to proceed accordingly, to be safe and sound.

Nowadays, we are only a click, a call or an email away to be able to communicate in other languages and using all kinds of different methods to convey clear messages.For example, here at Day Translations, we are currently doing Voice Overs in several languages, for power companies when they have outages.Recently, we worked with a power company located in California, as they were having many outages due the massive fires in the area.

Let us be your translation and interpreting company for every important event in your life! 

Kindly check out our Interpretations App below:

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