If you are our customer, you know that our process is really simple, all you need is to upload the documents, wait for your quote, pay and wait to receive your finished translation. 

But what happens on our end while your project is being processed?  

Behind scenes the story changes a bit, we work in a super fast paced environment, filled with details and customized needs, as we receive various quote requests per minute, the volume of work is quite high, we need to move quickly, we receive large projects as well as single page projects, each of them is equally important, and we carefully quote and process every single order so that our clients have their documents back by the deadline. To make this possible we have a team of developers, project managers, translators, interpreters, receptionists, human resource department, accountants, marketers, language experts, proofreaders, designers and subtitlers to mention a few. All the departments intertwine at some level and make the magic happen. 

Documents are scanned with special software to get the word count, we create an account and add all the details of your project, weather you choose a certified translation or a video transcription into any language, we make it happen. After creating your account we trigger an assignment which is sent to the selected translator with the skills required to translate the subject specific document, while the translator works, we pay close attention to the delivery date and request progress reports, files are proofread, formatting is reviewed, and files are ready to be delivered. 

An example would be a simplified Chinese brochure that needs to be translated into English and delivered ready for printing in InDesign. We create the project, send the word format version to the Chinese translator, translator sends back, it is proofread, we send to client to review the new English content, client approves, we send to DTP expert, along with InDesign files provided by the client, DTP completes brochure, we send back to Chinese translator to make sure everything is properly in place and reads well in brochure and finally turn back to the client. 

Day Translations is proud to be powered by humans, our work is done with love, we truly care about our customers, and of course sometimes, as humans, we make mistakes. It is part of our process after sending the finished files, to offer infinite round of edits when required if something is not like you prefer it or how it should be. We take pride in giving the best possible customer service, at Day translations we are kind and practice important principles such as, politeness, respect and empathy, both within our team and with our clients.

Our company is expanding and growing vastly, keeping up with this challenge makes us all research, learn and find solutions to our needs. Juggling different tasks at all times is an everyday requirement for Project Managers. We work 365 days a year, trying to make the world a more comfortable place by making possible a better understanding of each other. People around the world knock on our door to help them and we are happy to be able to invite them in our home, every time. 

We hope this article helped you understand a bit more of what happens while we deliver your translation! 

Thank you for reading! 

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