If you have been or is always travelling and in a non-English speaking country or wherein English is not their mother tongue, most of the time, you will notice a lot of signage or labels that the locals are trying to translate into English. An example of these countries are; Saudi, China, Thailand, Japan, and even Philippines, etc. 

Some got the correct translation, however, we saw a lot that were mistranslated, and it turned out hilarious. Below are some of the sample of signage/label translations that we found online (photos copied from google):

This is what happens when someone tries to translate a line or phrase into another language and he or she does not understand the target language very well. Another reason for having mistranslations, is by using translation machines/tools, or even google. We can also ask a friend who is bilingual or multilingual to help us translate, but it would be advisable to ask a professional translator to do the job for us. Day Translations is a leading global translating company, who can help you translate anything into another language, particularly English. They use 100% human translation, and does not encourage translations done by a machine. Translators of Day Translations do their research to find the correct word for each dialect and phrase. Therefore, you know you will get an accurate translation, when you choose Day Translations service/s. 

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