Audio to text Transcriptions Everything you need to know!

Transcription is the process of recording in written words something that has been said, whether if it’s an interview, a conference or even a simple talk.

Why have your transcript done with Day Translations?
If you don’t have the knowledge or experience with the right tools, it might take you a significant amount of time to finish a professional transcription.
Transcriptions are delicate tasks and there many factors to consider in producing a quality result.
First: If possible, the audio must be clear with no background noise and you must be able distinguish between speakers.
Second: It is imperative that the person who is performing the transcription must be familiar with the topic and context of what has been recorded.
Third: You must capture exactly what is spoken without correcting grammar, as this may change the whole meaning of the message. 

Audio to text transcriptions may be performed in 2 different ways 

Literal transcriptions: all sounds are transcribed into the written text, including unfinished words or sentences, repeated words, pronunciation mistakes, grammatical errors, exclamations; in other words, everything that is heard in the audio recording. This type of transcription is usually required for court cases or expert testimonies where how things are said are as important as what is said. 

Natural transcriptions:  the transcriber eliminates the irrelevant information which results in a clearer, more natural, and more professional text.

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